Anti-nostalgic high craft for casual-luxury living


Somaschini is a new-born brand, with a strong, innovative attitude, and rich artisan heritage in 1940s Brianza — a hard-working region of Lombardy, internationally renowned for the production of high quality design.
The incredible expertise of Somaschini is channeled in products with finishes and collectible design customizations, but made in unlimited series that find their place in the world of luxury in an irreverent, playful, and casual way.

Somaschini is a world of knowledge on wood, from its processes and finishes, to its essences. And it meticulously masters the art of upholstery as well as that of lacquering. Somaschini always mills, inlays, finishes, and handles metals to the utmost perfection. 
It has also developed an endless network of collaborators—trustworthy purveyors of the finest fabrics, leathers, glass, and other materials. Somaschini is the fifth essence of the industrious Brianza of the past, always authentic, but subtly translated into the folds of contemporaneity.