Ozark rectangular

Differentiated bases table
Designer: Dainelli Studio
The two tables, in rectangular and round versions, are inspired by the spectacular landscape of the U.S. Ozarks mountain range region: forests of towering trees with regular, straight trunks tend upward in contrast to the horizontal placidity of the lake. The tables seem to emulate these two opposite movements.

3 sizes available
Cod. S36 / cm. W 320 D 120 H 75 / in. W 126 D 47.2 H 29.5
Cod. S36-02 / cm. W 260 D 120 H 75 / in. W 102.4 D 47.2 H 29.5
Cod. S36-03 / cm. W 300 D 120 H 75 / in. W 118.1 D 47.2 H 29.5
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